How Starting a Greeting Card Business Has Changed my Life

About Me

Hi my name is Louise and I would like to let you in on my story, and my life, before starting a greeting card business.

I am married to a great supporting husband, John, and I have a grown up son. We have our pets as our children and any animal that comes into our place seems to have a home for life here, we have horses and dogs and cats and a bird we love them all.

Louise from Send Online Greeting Cards

For 30 years I have driven Road Trains and Semi Trailers all over Australia, some of the time not being home very much, in later years doing loads around my home town carting fuel to the mines.

I love driving and anything that involves machinery, one of the loads I did was to be the mail lady to stations (farms) that are a million acres in size and to the aboriginal communities in the north of Australia.

I have met some great people on my journey and if I had known about these online cards then, how I could have thanked the people that I have met along the way, and sent them birthday cards in appreciation for things they have done for me.

John and I started a Truck and Trailer repair business and we use the cards to thank our suppliers at Christmas time and send them some nice cookies. Our clients and suppliers all love the customized Christmas card, in which we put our photo in a Christmas surround.

Time for a Change

Due to a horse accident my ability to do manual work has payed toll, so in the last 10 yrs I have tried a few network marketing things but none that I could relate too.

Then I found that card sending was a business that I could relate too, You know that everyone loves to receive a card (I know I do) and what a way to show someone some gratitude for what they have done for you.

Sending Birthday Cards now are a no hassle as once I have entered everyone's particulars in, it is sent out on any given day that I want, how cool is that?

You know when I started sending cards I didn’t think that I would ever send so many cards, I had only ever sent about five cards a year, now I send Birthday cards business Thank you cards, anniversary cards and reminder cards for appointments.

We have had one of our friends loose a pet and I even sent her a card for the loss of her pet she treasures that card so much.Starting a greeting card business has changed my life in the respect that I have met so many friends out of this and that I can do this part time or full time and best of all I now have time for my family and pets.

When John and I go on holidays, we do exciting things like going in a helicopter or going on a cruise. We always follow up by sending out cards out to thank the people for such a great time, and it is amazing the rapport we build with people from doing that.

I would like to say that when you come on our amazing journey in sending cards and to know that a card was the one thing that turned someone’s life around just when they were feeling down, how good will that make you feel.

Hopefully you're excited by this prospect!
So come on and Send Free Card and change someone's life!!

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